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Supporting and caring for a sick child is tough enough. We can help take care of some of the financial burden so families can focus on their child's needs.

GLOBAL NEWS COVERAGE – A not-for-profit has been helping families in Oliver, Osoyoos and Okanagan Falls when they are in crisis. Highway to Healing began as a project of the Rotary Club in Oliver but has since grown its own roots. Sydney Morton spoke with a family who accessed their help in a time of need – Jun 18, 2021

‘They have helped us immensely’: Oliver based not-for-profit helps families in crisis

“Last February our little boy Lorca was born with a congenital heart defect, and it was repaired in May. Your generous support helped us out tremendously during that difficult time. We cannot thank you enough. Lorca is a thriving, happy 9-month old, and his heart is fixed! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

  • Robertson Family

“Our family is beyond grateful to Highway to Healing for the financial assistance and support provided before and after the birth of our youngest child.  Days after our 19-week ultrasound we received the news that our baby had problems with her kidneys. A week later we found ourselves at BC Children’s hospital going through a series of tests and receiving heartbreaking news of the possible outcomes that we could experience in the days ahead. Our family had to stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver for a month before our due date and a month after our baby, Maleena, was born.  It was an incredibly challenging time that was filled with many appointments and surgery.  Two years later, little Maleena is doing really well.  She is monitored closely by a urologist and two nephrologists in Vancouver and Kelowna.  We recognize that Maleena’s health issues aren’t all solved but that we are on a journey of health and healing.  Organizations like Highway to Healing have been amazing, providing continued support for our family and several others in our community.  We are so grateful for the continued support of Highway to Healing.”

  • Saysomsack Family

“H2H assisted my family during a very hard and stressful 2016. Our daughter Winnie Nunes was born Jan 2016 with a blocked portion of her small intestine, and several holes in her heart. When it felt our world was falling apart, H2H provided financial support for us during a time filled with fear and anxiety. One year later Winnie is living a normal little girl life, we are forever great full to H2H! Thank you.”

  • Nunes family

“Our son, Aidan, who was 12 at the time, had a friend jump from a great height and accidentally land on Aidan’s head with his knee, on the trampoline. He lost consciousness and another boy came to get us. Aidan was assessed at SOGH and because he had blood coming from one ear as well as a major concussion, was rushed to PGH. They did a CT and determined that his skull was fractured in 3 places and it was bleeding into his brain. They then flew him to Children’s in Vancouver with his father. The bleeding eventually stopped and he was released from the hospital a few days later. He and Rod flew back to Penticton. Aidan was off school for 2 months and not really back to normal for another 3. We thanked our lucky stars. Aidan, however, did not feel so lucky as he still had a large indentation on the side of his head. We decided to take the doctors up on their offer to do surgery to reshape his skull. At this time, H2H offered to pay for us to fly back to Children’s to have the surgery. He had a round titanium plate put in to put his skull back to its original shape. We were only there overnight and then flew back the next day.  Rod and I were so thankful to H2H for paying for these flights. It was extremely generous and greatly appreciated. It definitely made a traumatic time in our lives much easier. Thank you so much for all you do!”

  • Kitt Family