Our mission is simple:

To assist families in our communities with travel expenses and resources when they must travel to access medical care for their ill or injured child.

The Highway to Healing Support Society (H2H) was formed in 2013 as a community project of the Rotary Club of Oliver, British Columbia.

In the years leading up to the formation of H2H, Rotarians were aware of several local families who found themselves having to travel to access health care for their ill or injured child.  Realizing that, although many supports were available to the families, expenses related to travel had no financial support.  Since its inception in 2013, Highway to Healing has provided over $163,241 of financial assistance to over 50 separate families on 213 different occasions. 

The community support and encouragement has been tremendous with many donations from individuals, businesses and organizations. H2H is a registered charity and as such can provide tax receipts to individuals for donations. It is a lean organization, with low administration costs.  The directors of the society take no form of compensation and are dedicated and motivated to help.

If you know a family who resides in Okanagan Falls, Okanagan Indian Band,  Oliver or Osoyoos with a child requiring medical treatment outside the area, we may be able to help. Please contact us.

Our current board of directors: 

  • Tracy MacFadden (President)
  • Sara van der Hoeven (Vice President)
  • Gina Patterson (Treasurer)
  • Brock Jackson (Secretary)
  • Maria MacCarthy (Director)
  • Tracey Marcy (Director)
  • Dexter Togh (Director)
  • Olivia Cross (Director)

Become an advisor to the Board for the Towns of Osoyoos and Ok Falls

As Highway to Healing has now expanded our policies to include the ability to offer assistance to families in Osoyoos and Ok Falls, there is a need for volunteers to keep an eye out in Osoyoos and Ok Falls for where our help may be needed. If you are active within either of these communities or otherwise think you would make a great advisor to our Board, please contact us.